It’s Your Song


Are you comfortable with the company you keep?

the skin that you wear?

the decisions you make –

the great ones, the good ones

the bad ones and,

even the terrible ones?

Do you accept the wrinkles,

the imperfections,

the bones of your being?

I hope so.

This is your life.

Your song.

And only you can sing it.


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What Good Is a Window?


What good is a window 

 if there’s nothing to see 

no season of fall 

no drifting of leaves 

What good is a window 

if there’s only a wall. 


What good is a window 

if it’s sealed on all sides 

if it always stays closed 

by your heart or your pride 

What good is a window 

If you’re underexposed. 


What good is a window     

if it’s locked tight, secured 

or covered with drapes 

and your view is obscured 

What good is a window 

If there is no escape 


What good is a window 

if it’s not open wide 

to smile at skies blue 

to let fear subside 


What good is a window? 

It let’s you climb through 

Italy 2004 019 2

(photo taken when I visited beautiful Tuscany)


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When the Party’s Over

When the party’s over

where to go from here?

curl into a den of woe

and wait to disappear?

Breaths of life sustains me

when others fill my room

without their presence, the lonely heart

retreats within the womb

Why must I be so absent

in the carriage of myself

that I sit so idly dormant

on a dusty solo shelf

Do only I allow to see

myself through other’s eyes?

Surely there’s another way

than gowns that glamorize.


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Don’t Take My Mad

I like my mad

it suits me just fine

Don’t try to take it, or break it

 it’s mine.


I’m Tarzan on a swing

Foreman in the ring

my ire shoots out

like a natural spring


I like my mad

it keeps me sane

Don’t try to grab it, can’t have it

That plain?


I’m the big Head Cheese

master of the seas

call me Poseidon, Zeus

or Hercules


I like my mad

it’s something to do

not bored, this chord

strikes a charge or two


I’m a fine deal breaker

head dough maker

truth be told,

an emotion faker


I like my mad

what’s wrong with a vent?

Just bent not knowing

where everyone went.


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White Girl Dancin’

Small town Mississippi

visitin’  a friend

 stayin’ in a shotgun house

tilted on one end

Main Street short

railroad long

light’nin’ bugs flicker

with their own torch song

Blues man playin’

me ‘an cook staff laughin’

 holding’ our bellies

at this white girl dancin’

White girl dancin’

White folk glarin’

Happy don’t care

 jus’ keep on starin’

visiting Miss“Mississippi’n Me”





There is No Storm


You accept not your true self

You stepped, instead

into an guise

and bathed your limbs in bravado

the musky soap of self-deception

Don’t you know

you’re soaked in a false promise

to yourself, unrecognized?


Why shroud yourself in darkness,

within a cloud

of crystalized ice?

Do you not believe in yourself?

Are you afraid of the shadows?

Don’t you know

you’re cloak, soaked in fear

keeps you from paradise?


Shed that tattered, muscled cloak

It never truly keeps you warm.

There is no storm.

Male Nude known as Patroclus


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daily prompt: Cloaked







Accepting “I’m Not”


I’m a full-fledged non-hater

Evil, I’ve fought

 A fine moderator

                                        (except when I’m not)

Profound is my mind

It keeps trains of thought

I’m a woman refined

                                  (except when I’m not)

I’m a top-notch debater

find every weak spot

A master creator

                                 (except when I’m not)

I’m the queen idea lighter

weave interesting plots

I’m an excellent writer

                                 (except when I’m not)

I am quick to recover

heal when I ought

I’m an exceptional lover

                                 (except when I’m not)

I’m an fabulous teacher

all subjects I’ve taught

A perfect-made creature?

I accept I am not.


Accepting this non-exceptional self-portrait

My Art 010



Daily Word Prompt:  Exceptional




Life Lessons from the Ring – Questions to ask yourself

I was too young to remember the times my dad came home with blood on his clothes. It was my older sister who told me how our non-violent mother would cringe at the sight.

Interesting that, even though I was two at the time, my father’s evening work would influence my life and expand my awareness.

The blood wasn’t my dad’s. Not then. His own blood was spilled years before when he boxed for the army.

The blood on my father’s clothes were from young men who, like my father, tried to prove something, make something of themselves in the boxing ring  “at a time when boxing mattered.” (Quote by Mark Brown, my first and continuing boxing coach)

Screenshot 2017-09-29 23.23.56

(My dad’s in the middle)

But hitting bags and pads matters to me.

Not only because of the fitness aspect, but to serve as a reminder of those who “toughened up” enough to be a better person in Life’s ring.

Participants of this sport or not, think of the lessons learned in boxing metaphors.


(I keep these 1950’s baby rattles in my boxing bag as a reminder)


Ask yourselves these questions:


— Do you feel trapped? Cornered? Are you UP AGAINST THE ROPES. 

Try maneuvering to the center of the ring.                                      

— Do you keep yourself from getting hurt, literally or figuratively? PROTECT YOURSELF AT ALL TIMES.                                    

Do this because, as my dad used to say, “You are your own best friend.”

Do you care about others? Then you are IN THEIR CORNER.

Make sure you find someone who will be in yours.

— Think you’ve hit bottom? Then you are DOWN FOR THE COUNT.

Do you have the stamina and willpower to get back up even if the odds feel against you?

— Have you gone too far with your criticisms? Then you’ve delivered an illegal A LOW BLOW.

Hurting others will eventually lead to hurting yourself.

— Are you thinking about THROWING IN THE TOWEL? Have you given up?

Sometimes we have to say “enough is enough.” Consider the towel carefully.

— Do you miss dangers coming your way? Do you LET YOUR GUARD DOWN?

How vulnerable are you willing to be?

— Do you ignore rude comments and take adversity in stride? Do you ROLL WITH THE PUNCHES?

Good! Backbones and self-confidence are sure wins.

— Were you luckily interrupted before sh..t hit the fan? Then you were SAVED BY THE BELL.

Who doesn’t love a blessing in disguise?


Are you a person who strives to be a better person?

Then you are a contender.

Be your own champion.

Because, at the end of the day when the rounds are over, you can kick up your feet and know that you fought even when tired, and you put up a good fight.



(painting by C. Dennis-Willingham)