That Internet!

What would we do without it?!

Now that my novel is finished and soon to be available, I’m no longer researching the 1920s. Instead, I’ve found myself back into the painting mode. I think I have watched every youtube video available on pastel painting. But this time, I actually followed the tutorial and viola! I love it when the internet can teach us positive things!

I Won’t Abide

That religion tells me not to dance

in that country? Not a chance.

But I find the movement so entrancing

Nothing quashes me from dancing.


IMG_2728 (1)

“Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin
Dance me through the panic ’til I’m gathered safely in
Lift me like an olive branch and be my homeward dove
Dance me to the end of love
Dance me to the end of love”

Leonard Cohen


painting by CD-W

daily word prompt: via Dancing

When the Party’s Over

When the party’s over

where to go from here?

curl into a den of woe

and wait to disappear?

Breaths of life sustains me

when others fill my room

without their presence, the lonely heart

retreats within the womb

Why must I be so absent

in the carriage of myself

that I sit so idly dormant

on a dusty solo shelf

Do only I allow to see

myself through other’s eyes?

Surely there’s another way

than gowns that glamorize.


IMG_2722 (1)



Damn Straight!

I don’t ride a horse

I don’t shoot a gun

I eat Mexican food and barbecue

and bask in Texas sun

I don’t say “ain’t”

I don’t chew or spit

I can put on a Texas drawl, y’all

but only when it fits

I don’t own an oil gusher

Still,  I’ve got my Texas roots

I can play blackjack, kick back

sportin’ western boots.


First rate?

Damn straight!


painting by CD-W




The Waterfall’s Encore


I would loathe to be a waterfall

shed constant tears or’r  worries wall

A heart of sadness would entail

a final curtain call


But I’d sit on top a streaming run

in early morn ‘fore day’s begun

to feel the soothing water flow

awaiting for the sun


IMG_2690 (1)

Each day that passes I’d proudly stand

to watch the torrent, water fanned

and listen as it plays the tune

of nature’s gift well planned


But to live beneath the fountain’s pour

unbroken moments of encore

inhale the mist of motioned life

I’d want for nothing more







photo 1:  credit by Jim Warren Art

photo 2:  credit

photo 3: painted by self  (after another artist who’s painting I unfortunately can’t locate  to give due credit)

photo 4: credit


So, you’ve made a mistake. Now what?

Do you wrap your shoulders in guilt?

Does it make you feel better?

Of course not.

You did what you did, but the moment has passed.

Perhaps it is regret that you are feeling.

Regret is better. It means you have taken that nugget,

examined it with neutral hands

and learned from it.

So, you wash your hands with compassionate soap

and remind yourself that you are not a fraud

but a human flawed

like everyone else.

Be brave and accept

being flawed only adds to your perfection.

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