A Depression? Again?

I didn’t know Cono early on. I was born seven years later. But when he held me that first day, I learned right away that he was someone like me, the one from the litter who fought their way up. Slow, steady and watchful, the slow days of winter and the long days of summer kept us both hopeful that our family would have a few more dollars in their pocket. But that was back in the 30’s. And you’re telling me it’s happening again? Shoot, we thought we were all done with scratching in the dirt for something to eat. A’course, Cono and I don’t have to worry none about that anymore. We’re together in the great beyond looking down on you good folks. He’s sitting on a soft recliner cloud right now and he’s yellling over to me, “Pooch, tell ’em it’ll work out jest fine. No Hill for a Stepper.”

Cono Dennis – An Unlikely Hero in the Making

Cono Dennis, his sister Delma & Pooch - late 1930s

Cono’s coming of age story will squeeze your heart and tickle your smile. It is a story of human triumph and hard won dreams.

Who knew a young boy could be this deliciously clever while facing some of the toughest things in life?

Better yet, his uncanny ability to turn his difficulties into advantages will have you wearing a sly smile while rooting for this modern day Tom Sawyer.

A true story – www.nohillforastepper.com