Two crackers shy of a box

She’s here. Now.

No need to check on me.

Go home, Miss Helen,

moonshine maker.


Miss Helen

two crackers shy of a box

hair colored orange (she thinks is red)

pokes out on the ends like soggy cactus needles

unless she’s driving Roadster

pulls red tam pulled tight over head

big bosoms poke steering wheel

with hands clutched tight

elbows poking out on both sides

Peers through windshield

wearing aviator goggles.


She’s here. Now.

No need to check on me.

Go home, Miss Helen,

moonshine maker.


Beats her gums about town folk –

“Saw Betty at the Five and Dime…”

“Oh, Lordy, the dentist, he’s …”

I stop listening

Think of something else.

Oh, Lordy.

She slaps and fluffs a couch pillow.

Dust bunnies flit around her orange hair.


Don’t lay down! Don’t lay down.

Go home, Miss Helen.

moonshine maker

My house, too small

for two crackers.




photo credit

daily word prompt: fluff

Damn Straight!

I don’t ride a horse

I don’t shoot a gun

I eat Mexican food and barbecue

and bask in Texas sun

I don’t say “ain’t”

I don’t chew or spit

I can put on a Texas drawl, y’all

but only when it fits

I don’t own an oil gusher

Still,  I’ve got my Texas roots

I can play blackjack, kick back

sportin’ western boots.


First rate?

Damn straight!


painting by CD-W




Photography Gods

Version 2

Where do the red birds go when they die?

While keeping their colors, they blend with the sky

and swirl with the clouds in a free-form of flight

with feathers at peace, to the heavens alight


Authors note: Strange how this happened, how photography can be magic. I found the original photo on my computer. Yes, the cardinal is a yard decoration stuck in a planter against a stone wall. But how did I capture the below photo? At night, perhaps?

With a tad of photo editing, a redbird floated amongst the clouds and twirled the above poem toward my palm.

Here’s the original photo:

Version 3


Feed the Birds

Come feed the little birds, show them you care
And you’ll be glad if you do
Their young ones are hungry
Their nests are so bare
All it takes is tuppence from you
Feed the birds, tuppence a bag,
Tuppence, tuppence, tuppence a bag
“Feed the birds, ” that’s what she <he> cries
While overhead, her <his> birds fill the skies
Lyrics by Songwriters: Richard M. Sherman / Robert B. Sherman (Mary Poppins)
Feed the Birds lyrics © Walt Disney Music Company
painting by CD-W from a photo I took in Italy

If You Are a Blogger, you must have elastic bones

That’s a good thing. Bloggers are typically creative people who are flexible and think outside the box. They (YOU) are writers, painters, photographers, philosophers, and on. This weekend, I left Blogsville and went to an art art show where I met one of these creative persons, in the flesh, no less.

Although I’d much prefer to be doing art than viewing it, I’m glad my thinking returned to “the world belongs to those who show up” (author unknown).

So, I showed up and, not only did I find a kindred spirit, I learned.

Most of you know I’m a hoarder. That, too, is a good thing if you want to create mixed media art like Rebecca. I LOVED her stuff.

Here are a few of her pieces. Hard to choose but I think the last one’s my favorite. She reminds me of someone I know.  😉

Rebecca 4

Rebecca 3-1 2Rebecca 3-3 2Rebecca 3-2Version 2

Rebecca 3-3

Check out Rebecca’s art and her how-to videos on her website


daily word prompt: Prefer