The Waterfall’s Encore


I would loathe to be a waterfall

shed constant tears or’r  worries wall

A heart of sadness would entail

a final curtain call


But I’d sit on top a streaming run

in early morn ‘fore day’s begun

to feel the soothing water flow

awaiting for the sun


IMG_2690 (1)

Each day that passes I’d proudly stand

to watch the torrent, water fanned

and listen as it plays the tune

of nature’s gift well planned


But to live beneath the fountain’s pour

unbroken moments of encore

inhale the mist of motioned life

I’d want for nothing more







photo 1:  credit by Jim Warren Art

photo 2:  credit

photo 3: painted by self  (after another artist who’s painting I unfortunately can’t locate  to give due credit)

photo 4: credit


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