What Good Is a Window?


What good is a window 

 if there’s nothing to see 

no season of fall 

no drifting of leaves 

What good is a window 

if there’s only a wall. 


What good is a window 

if it’s sealed on all sides 

if it always stays closed 

by your heart or your pride 

What good is a window 

If you’re underexposed. 


What good is a window     

if it’s locked tight, secured 

or covered with drapes 

and your view is obscured 

What good is a window 

If there is no escape 


What good is a window 

if it’s not open wide 

to smile at skies blue 

to let fear subside 


What good is a window? 

It let’s you climb through 

Italy 2004 019 2

(photo taken when I visited beautiful Tuscany)


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Feeling Combustible?


You know those times when you feel you need an exit plan but you don’t have a strategy?

You don’t want to be there.

You feel trapped.

Your insides feel combustible.

You could swim in the moisture made from your palms.

Your toes tap dance inside your shoes but the music’s not jubilant.

Can you change the music?

Can you imagine swimming in water blue and calm?

Can you find the key to unlock the cage?


Then make one.

No one and nothing can trap you.

We are pixilated and all the dots that make us who we are can float through any barrier and collect themselves on the other side.

Digitalized or not, you are a great painting of yourself.

You can find your way back.

Just ask Alice.



FYI: Though pixelated is the standard spelling of the word meaning rendered with visible pixels, there’s a good reason that spell check does not catch pixilated. Pixilated is an old, seldom-used Americanism dating from the middle of the 19th century and peaking (in this use) in the middle 20th century. It meant (1) crazed, bewildered, or whimsical, or (2) intoxicated.1 

Pixilated derives from the noun pixie, denoting the mythical, mischievous creature.2 One who is pixilated is under the sway of a figurative pixie or behaving in a pixielike manner.

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photo credit (Alice) and pixilated by me.



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Still the Waters Calm


Still the waters calm

 but not stagnant

Static waters poison change.

Shift, transform

embrace the growth.

Barren souls

lack knowledge,


Still the waters calm

but move






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I Am Not Your Sculpture



do not carve me into a person of your liking

or carve me into something I’m not.

Instead, carve me some bread and cheese

and I’ll sit down with you in a moment of sharing.

Then, we will discover if we can be true friends

and whether our paths will again cross.


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Make it Personal

“It’s true that everything has its Personal Legend,

but one day that Personal Legend will be realized.

So each thing has to transform itself into something better,

and to acquire a new Personal Legend,

until someday,

the Soul of the World becomes one thing only.”


Page 150 in Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist, one of my favorite books.



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To Ask for Help


The inside of your mind is torn

you ache for someone’s guidance

yet thrusted hand keeps them away

retained, a thunderous silence


Problems stem from holding back

and keeping troubles bound

The tigers growl, the gators snap

the lions, they surround


Isn’t is a comfort, though

to feel a warming hand

rest softly on your shoulder, stilled,

a yearn without demand?


To ask for help, there’s nothing wrong

seek others for direction

in grief or pain or lover’s quarrel

or self-imposed rejection


Why hold fast those troubled woes?

Let others help unleash

the honks of monsters, a demons fear,

a sorrow, then released


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Nothing to Fear


Don’t be afraid

open the window

let in the air

Take a peek inside, see

hearts and ire

candles and daggers

roses and soot

monuments and ruins

a fortress and a tennament

a marauder and a Nobel

thunderstorms and clear skies

an anchor and a lifeboat

You are all of these

Open your window

let in the air

see you faults and graces,

your discord and harmony




And when you do

There is nothing to fear

on Armistice Day.

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painting by CD-W


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