Note to Self

Sometimes, when your hands are tied with knots you can’t undo,

your only choice is to wait patiently.

Sometimes, you may be able to loosen those ties that bind

and make a choice.

Think through the difficult choices

and make the decision with certain serenity.



via Serene

More Than a Relic


While on vacation in Crested Butte, Colorado, I saw this old washing machine sitting in a front yard of a beautiful old house. Why did I take a photo?

Not only was I mesmerized by its beauty, I pictured the gone-by years when it actually worked. (From what I can tell from a wee bit of research, this machine was probably created in the 1920’s.) I conjured up the image of a person who used this machine. I pictured flapper attire, boys knee-length trousers, looser corsets and fancy stockings being pushed through the wringer.

Although its function was temporary, my curiosity — and perhaps those of others who had strolled passed — remains.




Weekly photo prompt – temporary


Nothing to Fear


Don’t be afraid

open the window

let in the air

Take a peek inside, see

hearts and ire

candles and daggers

roses and soot

monuments and ruins

a fortress and a tennament

a marauder and a Nobel

thunderstorms and clear skies

an anchor and a lifeboat

You are all of these

Open your window

let in the air

see you faults and graces,

your discord and harmony




And when you do

There is nothing to fear

on Armistice Day.

IMG_2749 (1)


painting by CD-W


Weekly Photo Prompt: Peek