It’s Your Song


Are you comfortable with the company you keep?

the skin that you wear?

the decisions you make –

the great ones, the good ones

the bad ones and,

even the terrible ones?

Do you accept the wrinkles,

the imperfections,

the bones of your being?

I hope so.

This is your life.

Your song.

And only you can sing it.


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Thank You, Yes, I’m Fine


Is my hair in little tangles

Do I laugh when I recline

Do I make my paintings messy?

Then, thank you, yes, I’m fine.


Do I lose my rhythm dancing

on a silvery cloud nine

and laugh since it don’t matter

if you laugh at my benign?


When I forget to wear the “good”shoes

where in fancy restaurant, dine

Can’t I let my toes be happy

while indulging my waistline?


Will you think of me uncouth if,

preferring the bus line,

I talk to random strangers

than the snobby, asinine?


Somewhere in the midst of fake

I have to draw the line

and teeter not upon it

but erect in my design.


And, thank you, yes, I’m fine.


Image credit, painting by Angela Morgan





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Accepting “I’m Not”


I’m a full-fledged non-hater

Evil, I’ve fought

 A fine moderator

                                        (except when I’m not)

Profound is my mind

It keeps trains of thought

I’m a woman refined

                                  (except when I’m not)

I’m a top-notch debater

find every weak spot

A master creator

                                 (except when I’m not)

I’m the queen idea lighter

weave interesting plots

I’m an excellent writer

                                 (except when I’m not)

I am quick to recover

heal when I ought

I’m an exceptional lover

                                 (except when I’m not)

I’m an fabulous teacher

all subjects I’ve taught

A perfect-made creature?

I accept I am not.


Accepting this non-exceptional self-portrait

My Art 010



Daily Word Prompt:  Exceptional