It was a major undertaking but worth it considering what I found as I marched back into the 1960’s! I couldn’t stand the clutter in my office, so I began. First, I had to clean out cabinets and drawers and throw away a bunch of trash. I also have old decorative trunks so, I cleaned them out. Oh, and …

…I just can’t understand why I never used the rain and wind visor (FEATURED IMAGE) handed down from my mother. Who wouldn’t want to look like a dork while smashing your hairspray-ed hair into fine pulp. It’s still unopened so, of course I couldn’t throw it away! What WERE you thinking?

Next, I found this.img_0314

Anybody who’s anybody knows this is the original SKIPPER, Barbie’s little sister!

Here’s a hint to see if you know what this is. A treasure, I assure you! Ponder before you scroll down.


Any clue?

Maybe this helps:


Right! The original Beatles’ wig!

Okay next. Do you remember this cartoon?


Hanna-Barbera cartoon critters! I know one is Peter Potamus. Anyone who knows the name of the mouse, I’ll send a copy of one of my books.

Did I throw these things away? Hell, no!

Have I told you yet that I’m a pack rat? (or did you figure that out on your own?)

Three or so computers ago, I didn’t save to dropbox or that cloud thing. But I found the original hard copy of this:


Reading through it, I found myself liking it all over again. It has flaws and needs reworking. It’s a folk tale about a young woman who, long ago, traveled from village to village sharing her magnificent stories. Then, when her Goose muse ran off, and her words and creativity dried up, she began her search. (Sound familiar, bloggers and writers?)

Thanks for sharing this moment with me!


RAW Journal Kernels – 1


Since my laptop took over, I haven’t journaled in many years. But, as you can see, I used to.



Skimming through these old treasures, I had this thought: “What if I shared kernels, bits of my past from numerous journal entries?”

So, here I go, making myself vulnerable. Again.

Please note: In order to be true to myself and to my fellow followers, this and upcoming entries are raw, unedited and scanned into this blog.scan-27