The Puzzler

She puzzled and puzzled till her puzzler was sore

She walked down the hallway and opened the door

And to her amazement guess what she saw?

The sky? The trees? No, not that at all!

But pieces of colors all shades and all hues

obstructing her vision but changing her views.

For the pieces together were so snuggly fit

that the light in her brain was instantly lit.

Nothing to ponder and nothing to question

No one’s advice and no ones’ suggestions.

The pieces together had finished their quest

so now she could sit down and quietly rest.

the puzzler 3

Art and poem by CD-W (thanks for the inspiration, Dr. Seuss)



Are you complete?

We are all made up of jigsaw pieces – varied shapes of experiences that combine to make us a complete puzzle.

You don’t think you are complete? You think you are missing pieces?



Do you toss a few of your least wonky samples on the viewing table, the ones you’ve buffed and coated in high gloss? The pieces you think are less vulnerable to share?

Perhaps today you are a one-hundred piece puzzle. Or a five-hundred. With additional experiences comes greater awareness. Tomorrow, you might be made of a thousand pieces that all interlock perfectly. Tomorrow, maybe ten-thousand.

At this very second, this moment in time, you are perfect.


Celebrate who you are.





RAW Journal Kernels – 1


Since my laptop took over, I haven’t journaled in many years. But, as you can see, I used to.



Skimming through these old treasures, I had this thought: “What if I shared kernels, bits of my past from numerous journal entries?”

So, here I go, making myself vulnerable. Again.

Please note: In order to be true to myself and to my fellow followers, this and upcoming entries are raw, unedited and scanned into this blog.scan-27