Fear of Change


Why, birds, must you be angry?

your cawing, dawning, cries

on forceful wings

with hope of spring

your ire, it mystifies

Perhaps it is your season call

a changing time, alerting

so others heed

your time of need

through winter, disconcerting

Lay still your ruffled feathers

each change is not by choice

and yet you can

as you began

make known your thoughts in voice.



Artwork by Nicole Anderson

For those of you in the cold

I live in Texas. I hate the cold and I hate skiing! (ski instructor pushed me down a hill and I almost flew over a cliff. When he caught up to me, I said, “take these f***king skis of me NOW!) But, for those of you who want to, and can take advantage of that kind of scary “activity”, here’s a painting for you!


painted by me- CDW