What Kind of World?

They watch.

They listen.

* Sammy’s dad is proud of how he almost pushed that bus off the side of the road with his truck. He’s proud because he got confirmation that it was okay and well done. The confirmation of “I love Texas” was all he needed. The boy sees the look of satisfaction on his father’s face. There must be something good about bullying and intimidation.

* The man at the podium mocks a reporter for his disabilities, his inability to use his arms. People laugh. Sarah, the little girl with cerebral palsy sits in a wheelchair, watches.

* I was only two when my mommy said in our native tongue, “It’s okay. We left the bad guys behind. We will be safe here.” But the place was crowded, dirty. People in uniforms yelled. Then they took Mommy away. She hasn’t come back for me. I’m forgetting what she looks like.

* My grandma lives in Kenya. I’ve been to her yellow house and have seen the animals run free on our drives outside of town. Now I’m worried because the President says Grandma lives in a shithole.

* Name-calling is okay now. “He” calls people “irrelevant,” “stupid,” “clown,” “crazy,” “nut job,” “dopey,” “dummy,” “nasty.” So why is my third-grade teacher so mad at me for calling Billy a sucker?

* I try to concentrate on the computer screen where my fourth grade teacher is teaching us about science. But why should I listen if science isn’t real? I hear my parents talking from the living room. They say the president seems to hate everyone who doesn’t look like him or think the way he thinks. They wonder how this man can’t wrap his arms around the saddened, or allow a child touch his head to feel his hair like Obama did. He doesn’t make snow angels in the snow with his children or go to his child’s or grandchild’s recital. Does he have grandchildren? Does his like them? Does he like me? Apparently not.

This author thinks about the children. I grit my teeth, a specific spot on the left side. The headache continues.

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Is Bias always Bias?

If you live in the United States of America, you know what happened. If you don’t, let me recap.

This is our current sitting president, Donald J. Trump.


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Some people like him. Some people loathe him.

This is Sarah Huckabee Sanders. She is the president’s press secretary.


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Some people love her. Some people loathe her.

Recently, Sarah went with her family to dine at The Red Hen Restaurant.

When discovered who she was, the management politely asked her to leave.


Why? Because they hated who she represents. They hated her ideals and her defense of Trump.

Now here’s the opinion part.

I am not a fan of our president. In fact, I can’t wait for the day he leaves office. I hate his disregard of our global community and his arrogant, self serving ways. Not to mention his lack his moral and ethical standing.

I am also not a fan of a person who chooses to defend him. But, unfortunately, it’s Sarah Huckabee Sanders job.

But here’s the deal. How many people have been denied service because of their ethnicity, their religious beliefs, their sexual preferences? Too many.

Historically, denying service to those we don’t agree with has been proven wrong. It defies our civil liberties.

If you are a conservative Republican racist, heed those words. But not just because SHS was booted out of a restaurant. Apply it to all people.

If you are a card-carrying liberal, do the same.

After decades of discrimination, current anti-discrimation laws say you cannot refuse service based on race, color, religion or national origin. Other than that, a restaurant can refuse service to anyone. HOWEVER, they must be consistent. For example, No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service must apply to everyone. Therefore, in The Red Hen’s case, it would only have been “appropriate” to ask Sarah Huckabee Sanders to leave if they had a “No Trump Supporters Served” policy.

Yes, discrimination is discrimination. Let’s stand taller than our hate.

If I owned The Red Hen, I would have allowed her family to eat in my establishment. But, no doubt, I would pulled Ms. Huckabee Sanders aside and asked her a few pointed questions.

But if the president himself knocked on the door to my private home? I’d double lock the doors and close the shades.


– Carolyn Dennis-Willingham


Filling the Sinkhole Together

There has to be a loophole

for us who still believe

in justice, freedom and our rights

amidst dishonesty.


This gap won’t last much longer

for together we’ll encroach

to fill the sinkhole with the hearts

we’ll never let them poach.


Hands united, standing tall

we’ll show a greater strength

than those who are unwilling

to detect our common link.


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Prepare to Ring the Bell


His crude and callous spoken words

evokes in souls once light

darkness, anger, and despair

at him, the mighty “right.”

But do not fear enlightened ones

his sand is running low

his hourglass, once emptied

will restore the faith we know.


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Your Ass-Sets a Low Bar


If we hear you play the piano,

you are a pianist.

If you show us the carrots and onions you grew,

you are a gardener.

If you hand us a copy of your signed novel,

you are an author.

If you are pulling 10 oz padded gloves on your hands,

you are a boxer.

If you are covered in flour and hand us a loaf of warm bread,

you are a baker.

But if you have to tell us that you are a “genius” and that your “two greatest assets have been mentally stability and being, like, really smart,”

then I, for one, feel brilliant for not believing you.



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 Did he really say this?

“At least in Russia, you cannot just go and tap into someone’s phone conversation without a warrant issued by court. That’s more or less the way a civilized society should go about fighting terrorism.”  Vladimir Putin

This makes me go:



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