Recipe for Letting Go

In a cast iron skillet, add:

their negative comments

crass looks

middle fingers

curse words








Do NOT let the ingredients boil over, cause a fire, or ruin the pan (you might need it later)

Let simmer for 5 minutes to a near lifetime

until the mixture boils down to nothing but serenity (ignore the initial stench)

Hint: The less it stews, the more time you have for adding fresher vegetables




photo credit


Forgivenss: NOW OPEN!!

Screenshot 2017-07-15 18.41.16

clipart by CD-W

Grandma parked her Ferrari

and rushed through the door

of the Moxie Courageous Everything Store.

“I need one sturdy jump rope,

two twenty-pound weights,

elbow and knee pads

and blue roller skates.”


“Will ¬†that be all?” the salesman said.


Grandma looked at the ceiling

and then shook her head.


“I need a large sack of forgiveness,

‘No cost,’ I was told,

‘If you give it out freely,

it will lighten your load.'”


He pulled down the sack

from the highest of shelves

and smiled when he said,

“I might give some myself.”


She lifted her items

and knew who she’d call

for the bag wasn’t heavy,

not heavy at all.



Daily word prompt: Moxie