Finding things to do with Kids!

You may have seen my previous post about being locked down with my hubby, daughter, and two grandkids. As I type this, my four-year-old granddaughter is sitting beside me on the desk chair while my two-year-old is blowing the recorder in my left ear – truth.

We are still in the process of making paper mâché easter eggs. Two days ago we made the board game.

Pause from writing – We “had” to watch an episode of Bo on the Go.

Okay, grand babies are taking a walk with mom and dad so I continue.

Where was I? Board game. So I printed off photos of family members, found large piece of cardboard, glue and a left over piece of laminating paper.

If you landed on a person, you had to imitate their action. Unfortunately, some family members were not with us. If we landed on their picture, we would call out their name and say, “HELLO!”

Other spaces include –

  • Dog Farted, go back two
  • You Washed Your Hands! Go ahead two
  • Amazon Delivery! – go ahead two

Let me know if you make up your own game. I’d love to hear about it and, as always, any other ideas are appreciated!

— Carolyn

Do You Like Children?

Not everyone does, you know. Some adults think that those little human “beans” should sprout somewhere else, anywhere but in their close proximity.

Yes, children are loud and can irritate and inflame every nerve to the point where anti-inflamatories don’t work.

Children are curious to a fault – “How come?” “Why do I haf-ta?” “What’s that?” Those questions sometimes makes us grown-ups feel stupid because we don’t always have the internet at hand for research.

But I know that children are magic.

They help us remember what our long-ago years were like.

They remind us of that feeling of satisfaction when the “ah-ha!” moments pop out of nowhere land.

They refill our imagination bucket with all kinds of sweet nuggets of creativity.

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 8.31.36 AM


Three years ago and four grandchildren later, ribbons of creativity, once hidden in my DNA, have sprouted again. Thanks to those growing “beans,” the product of their influence is now available here.

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 8.15.23 AM

Thank you for taking a look.

Back in Bad Ass Grandma’s hometown …

girl smiling… her granddaughter smiles. “Mom, when will Bad Ass Grandma come back from her vacation?”

“What’s so funny?”


“Thinking about what she did. She lifted one leg over something I couldn’t see then ran round and round while bouncing up and down.”

“Why …”

“She sang,

Round and round up and down

on the carousel horses.

Up and down, round and round

as the music plays.

The lights on top they shine so bright

as we go round and round

use your hands to hold on tight

as we go up and down.’

Then she sang it over and over again.”

“Yes, your grandmother is quite extravagant with her imagination. Was she still wearing a pony tail?”

Granddaughter laughed and trotted back to her room, saying, “I hope she’ll be home soon. She promised me the moon.”

carousel granny



via Extravagant

A Letter from Traveling Bad Ass Grandma

Note: From the last post, you may have gathered that Bad Ass Grandma needed a break from the holiday hoopla. As a result, she has packed her bag and is beginning her travels. After receiving her letters, I gather her first stop is the art museum.

She’s much too serious and no fun at all

and the man? Well, besides being skinny and tall,

he carries a weapon perhaps out of fear

I confess –

there’s no way in hell that I’d want to stay here.

American Gothic granny



via Confess