Our Seeds are Growing and We Will Be Watching!

I do believe that all the marchers on Saturday were part of an Oversight committee. We will keep our eyes on the new President, while our hands remain over our hearts.

How I love this piece of art by Louisa Cannell!


and this t-shirt some friends of mine wore at the march!


4 thoughts on “Our Seeds are Growing and We Will Be Watching!

    • I’m okay with that. I have a feeling that many of the people who marched (not just women) may have actually voted for him for various reasons. Still, I’d rather see a loving nation than one filled with hate and divisiveness. This was a good start. No violence in any city that I know of, occurred amongst the 4 million marchers.

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      • Still wearing costumes of vaginas–as reported left uncovered by media in the Liberal’s pocket…isn’t that rather gross for even hate speech? I’m hardly saying Trump is an angel…but the liberal left won’t take their claws out and deal with reality!


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