Four Million Threads


They showed from every corner

From sea to shining sea

And set their sights to ameliorate

The key of democracy.

And, across the globe they crowded

Lifting wings of strength, declared

the rights of all humanity

Shall no longer be impaired.

Yes, on that day, they gathered

Determined, forged ahead

 awareness in a tapestry,

made from four million thread.

-CDW 1-22-17


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Jill  -a lie by any other name is still a lie.

GC’s, “Yes gentlemen , the oft labelled “weaker sex” demonstrated to the entire world that they had more spine and political savvy than many of the top gun politicians around the world.”

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1 thought on “Four Million Threads

  1. ALAS–When women are in the right
    No foe can refuse,,,
    But when they call evil truth,
    They have been disabused!
    It wasn’t democracy
    Espoused by Mrs. Clinton…
    But we would all work in chains
    While she just played badminton!
    all the grossness unreported
    Should have caused you shame…
    But hate speech you have touted
    Comes from another name!—-Said in love and in the interest of true truth…not blindly following.
    —Jonathan Caswell (an opinion) , poet. Thanks for letting me speak..even if “disinvited” in the future! 🙂 I’m used to people doing that! Glad to have your opinion…here’s mine! 🙂


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