Wait! What? No More Middle Finger?

Apparently, the middle finger expression of anger is being replaced. How could that be? It’s been around since, well, I was born.

Not only have I used that tallest digit, I have been the recipient of it.

I didn’t believe what I’d heard on the radio so I looked it up.

Yep. Now, in this age of emoji’s, the middle finger is being replaced by the thumbs down sign. Generation Z is coming out in full force.

One person described it like this:  It’s the equivalent of telling someone, “I’m not mad, I’m DISAPPOINTED.


So I had to look up Generation Z-ers.

They were born between 1997 and 2012.

In general:

Gen Zs are driven by digital – 95% own Smart phones, 64% use Instagram at least once a day.

According to a Deloitte survey, they are stressed or anxious most of the time. Are those two related? However, they are also more likely to receive therapy or mental health treatment than any other generation.

Of the 38% of Gen Zs who have entered the workforce, 40% say they plan on leaving their job within the next two years because 1, they are concerned with work-life balance and, 2, they are not satisfied with their organizations’ impact on society. Three in four say they prefer remote work. And, they want to be financially independent by age 30. Maybe that’s one of the reasons Gen Z influencers command the highest fees for sponsored content?

Gen Zs are the most educated, and the most ethnically diverse generation ever. They are concerned with the environment, embrace diversity and Social Justice. And for this, I will give them three big thumbs up.

source: https://explodingtopics.com/blog/gen-z-stats