Muscle for the Middle: Solutions and Substitutions to Stay Strong! — Mark Brown Fitness

Mark Brown’s Muscle for the Middle When did we become the old ones in the weight room? For those of us dipping a toe into middle age, we are fortunate to be part of the first generation of exercisers exposed to the great value of strength training. Prior to the 1990s, the weight room was […]

Muscle for the Middle: Solutions and Substitutions to Stay Strong! — Mark Brown Fitness

I’m so pleased to repost and follow my trainer’s new blog. Mark is the real deal when it comes to knowing about strength and fitness. Twenty plus years ago, Mark taught me how to box – a passion I will continue until my last huffing breath.

If you are interested in staying fit and healthy, follow along with him!

Boxing Tradition and life metaphors

(Featured image is my play on words)

Yes, it is Boxing Day. But in my life, it means I wrap my hands and plunk on my 16 oz. gloves. But it means more…


Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn

My grandfather boxed whenever a traveling carnival came near his town. If he beat the headliner -which he usually did- he earned 5 whole dollars (a lot back then).

My dad boxed in the Army and later became a ref.


My dad at 18

I’ve been boxing for almost twenty years. I don’t hit people. I hit bags and pads. But I hit like I am boxing myself out of a corner. What I’ve learned are a few metaphors on life.

-protect yourself at all times (stand up for yourself)

-don’t be the one who goes down for the count (stay alert)

-roll with the punches (go with the flow)

-don’t let down your guard (be aware)

-don’t pull any punches (be honest)

-don’t hit below the belt (stay kind)


A painting I did after seeing a match at Madison Square Garden


Joe Louis, of course