Through You

Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of postings of encouragement to other writers on Instagram. I think one of the reasons is because part of me is really nervous about receiving my editor’s notes on my latest manuscript. I go from “Why isn’t she finished? Where is her email?!” to “Oh, good, I don’t have her comments yet and I don’t have to begin the tedious process of editing.”

I know that once I begin the process, I will be in another place in time. I will forget where I put things (more often), forget the wet towels in the dryer, not return phone calls, postpone going full-mask to the grocery store, etc.

But I will press on, do what needs to be done, then beg forgiveness to those I have ignored.

Yeah, I’m having a bit of trouble …

My editor has sent me his comments and the first 100 pages of edits.

Why am I hesitant to get started? Do I need a nudge?

Please hand me some floaties before you push me in.




Daily Word Prompt: Tentative

Getting to the point


My blog posts are and will be short. I know, they’re supposed to be and I like it that way. I don’t have to spend years writing one.

My books on the other hand…

Geez! It took me three years to write No Hill for a Stepper and five to write The Last Bordello.

So, now that I’m getting older, who would have thought  I could speed along at a faster pace?



You see, I started my new book, The Moonshine Thicket, this summer.


Well,  except for … you know, that thing called Ed-I-Ting.