The truth about my blogging “friends”

I blogged many years back and stopped. Maybe I didn’t understand it or maybe I just didn’t care. But I came back into “your” fold this past August because  I was on a mission. I had a goal and I haven’t done such a good job achieving it.

But, as I like to say, “there goes that universes again” — because blogging has taught me things I didn’t expect.

I have to tell you. A few people in my life, including an attorney friend of mine, worries that “exposing” myself to the cyber world could be unsafe. That “many of those bloggers are not true to who they really are.”

If that’s the case with any of you, back up, Jack, and hit the unfollow button.

(But I think I “know” you.)

Unless I’m traveling, my world is a bit of a bubble. You know, routines and such. Not that I’m complaining. For the most part, I like my sac of familiar air.

But now I have cyber friends like you, who come from all over the world, who tell me through words or photographs about their life, and interests. Many of you share the same thoughts and ideals as me. And the ones who differ, teach me.

You are writers, strugglers, rebels, photographers, dancers, chefs, visionaries, travelers, poets, doctors, animal lovers, readers, humorists. You are mothers, fathers, new adults, aging adults, “in-between” adults.

And, here is the common thread: You are all thinkers who ponder and share the world as you know it.

So what’s not to like?

It’s not you. It’s me. I’m not so good at promoting my novels to make a “difference” in sales while sitting at this particular table.

But I like this wooden table. There is plenty of room for everyone.

And it’s round. 



(And yes, it’s an electronic cigarette)



36 thoughts on “The truth about my blogging “friends”

  1. My hubby is also of the opinion that “many of those bloggers are not true to who they are”

    I disagree. The experience in bloglandia is as real as that round table 😀. And if not completely authentic in all respects at least they write fantastic stories.

    In my case, what you see is what you get🎉🎉🎉

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  2. You covered a few acres in that post. You seem to have so much to write about. I don’t think you reveal any personal information – West Texas, Austin. When you were telling the story of your father you displayed portions of Texas. Many of those names brought back memories. I’ve been running on empty for a couple of weeks. I needed that kick start. Thanks.

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  3. Although I’ve been blogging for less than a year I feel I’m made real friends in the blogging world. I’m sure we’re not all as perfect as we’d like to portray ourselves at times but I believe that most bloggers are just who they seem to be. And for that, I’m grateful.

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  4. I’m as true as they come.. sometimes it’s sad 😭 to say.. but I to believe some 🐺 might sneak in among us.. most of us are just here to express ourselves.. and live our lives.. I hope the wolves 🐺 will dismiss themselves if there are any.. I don’t think 💭 I have that to worry about.. 🤣🤣.. Happy holidays 😊.


  5. Real friendship or relationship established in whatever respects (physical or virtual) sticks with us no matter what. We can’t expect much from it but sure we can hope that good will come out. That’s the beauty of friendship or relationship. Just be mindful of whom to keep or to let go of.
    So long as your posts keep on coming I’ll be here to read them-with the occasional likes and comments. Sharing snippets from your novels gives us opportunity to have a glimpse of their characters and plots.
    Consider me one of those you’ve met here who will “stick” with you so long as you wanted me to 🙂

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  6. Found you through OM’s Reblog of this post. Thanks for inviting me (and all of us) to your table! Good points.

    The variety of perspectives here is what I like most. I get frustrated watching the echo chambers on social media (during the election, for example, but it started long before that). Whatever side of an issue one is on, it seems like so few people can accept there might be another point of view. Don’t get me wrong, I’m opinionated and disagreeable about many things. But I recognize that a person who disagrees probably has just as much a reason to believe their view as I have mine. It’s the interchange of ideas and viewpoints that helps us find common ground and ways through our differences.

    Plus, sometimes I just find a refreshing and unique perspective I’d never have otherwise. Doing this blog thing the way I do, I may never get those big view numbers or see some spike in book sales. But that’s okay right now. I’ll just pull up a chair, sip some coffee, and enjoy the company.


  7. Love this so much. I think only bloggers really understand the strong connections that are made. My husband tries but he really doesn’t get it. Happy Christmas and happy blogging Carolyn.


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