Emma June remembers

I don’t feel any different after gulping Brandon’s swill. All I feel is happy to be away from him and doing something new.

Carla points to the sign.

‘Madam Zola’s Expert Fortune Teller

Past, Present, Future

Crystal ball gazing, Palm reading

Tarot Cards.’

We don’t care there’s a line waiting outside the door. We sneak to the back where no one will see us then lay on our stomachs. Carla peels up a side of the canvas so we can have a good listen to what Madam Zola’s tells her paying customers.

The first customer asks where she can find her lost dog.

The second voice is Beauty’s.

 I hadn’t thought about Mama all day.

Now, I have to poke my arm to keep from crying.


From my upcoming novel, The Moonshine Thicket.

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