Try “Playing” Along even if it’s not on a keyboard

First Movement : I started taking piano lessons when my kids were young. It was, you know, one of those things you want to try. As it turned out, although I truly enjoyed making sounds on the piano, I never could manage to really play.

Second Movement: Before Ludwig Von Beethoven was completely deaf, he composed “Quasi una fantasia,” roughly translated as “almost a fantasy” but better known as Moonlight Sonata.

Third Movement: Around this time, I was also taking art lessons. I wanted to draw something other than stick figures. So, I tucked a bunch of art classes under my belt.

Fourth Movement: I watched a a movie about the great composer who left his estate to his “Immortal Beloved” – also the name of the film. I love this movie! Especially 2 particular scenes – the one at the end (you’ll have to watch), and the one where Beethoven, in his later years, plays Moonlight Sonata with his head rested on the piano so he can “feel” the notes.

Wrapping up this Composition:

So, I took a screen shot of that particular scene. (A great idea for practicing artists)

Screenshot 2017-10-16 22.25.49

And made my own interpretation.


As I assumed all along, we can’t all be Beethoven’s.

But in our own ways, we can play along.

(Even if it’s a play on words)

Playin Hard to Get



2 thoughts on “Try “Playing” Along even if it’s not on a keyboard

  1. I like the inspiration you got from Beethoven. Your drawing and interpretation is inspiring. I have to watch Immortal Beloved. Beethoven put the head and his ear on the piano to feel the vibration while playing because he couldn’t hear! I love your creation!

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