Unraveled by a bunny

before I Unraveled him. Literally.

I don’t sew. Really. But man, do I love fabrics. So, I got my mother’s 1970’s Singer fixed. I’m terrified of the thing.

I started the first of my grandchildren’s Easter Bunnies.  The ears came out extremely wonky, the face almost distorted. I unraveled the thread and started over. And started over. And, started over, my patience unravelling with the orange thread.IMG_0970.jpg

But now, I’m done. I know it’s not perfect but, as I like to say, if it was perfect, nobody would believe I’d created it.


Okay, back to working on my latest manuscript….

18 thoughts on “Unraveled by a bunny

  1. This is awesome. I’m not a sewer either, but I totally just ordered my own mother-in-law a 1970 singer off of Ebay lol… She swears its the best machine on the planet and “they just don’t make them like they used to” lol… SOOOO apparently not only do we have the whole writing thing in common, but our mothers seem to have some similarities of their own haha.

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  2. This bunny is so clearly made with love!

    When I was a child, I wanted a stuffed bunny I saw in an inexpensive store, but there really was no money for her. She was wearing a little pinafore dress, and the print on it matched the inside of her ears. I went home and got out my mother’s “rag bag,” where there was a plain white towel that had seen better days. I made a bunny from the terry cloth, and my Grandma made a yellow pinafore. It wasn’t the same as the fancy bunny at the store, of course, but I loved her even more.

    Thank you for sharing this bunny with all of us.

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