Do your loved ones visit you after they’ve died?

None of you will question that as we live our lives – go to work, parties, travel, have relationships, etc., –  experiences combine and create how we view the world and ourselves. And grieving the death of loved ones is an experience we all share.

First, let me say that I do not call myself a “religious” sort. I consider myself more as spiritual and intuitive and I never considered the possibility that a deceased love one would contact me. Until it happened.

In the 1980’s, when I thought going through infertility would drive me over a cliff, I had an early morning phone call from my grandfather who had died in the 60’s. “Grandpa,” I said. “Why are you calling? You’re dead.”

“I’m calling to check on you.”

“I’m fine,” I lied.

My husband woke me to get up for work. I was furious and sad that my call had been abruptly ended. The “dream,” was not like a real dream made of scene or stories.  I only saw Grandpa’s face, and I felt him as real as the pillow my head rested upon.

Not long after, my deceased grandmother “called.” I said the same thing. “Grandma, you’re dead. Why are you calling?”

“I’m calling to check on you. How are you.”

“I’m fine.”

Then she asked, “Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Yes. Will you ask God to give me a baby?”

There was a long pause as if she were thinking. Then, she said, “I have to go now.”

(Today, I have two grown children, two grandchildren and another due in May.Who knows, right?)

Mom’s first contact with me was different. I had just left the cemetery when a song I’d never heard before came on NPR radio. To this day, I cannot find that song but its words were something like, “don’t worry, we’ll see each other in heaven.” The song made me smile.

Later, in a dream-vision, Mom had simply smiled at me, looked youthful and happy, and pain-free.

As my father lay dying, I asked, “will you check on me after you’re gone like Mom, Grandma and Grandpa did?”

He said, “I’ll always check on my babies.”

Wherever Dad is, he must be very busy since he has yet to “contact” me.  That’s okay, too. He’s probably teaching Mohammad Ali how to play checkers or dominoes.

Some people call these signs “Pennies from Heaven.”

Knowing my experiences, I recently ran across this article. Take a look. Perhaps it will apply to you as well. And please, let me know if it does.

Signs from Heaven … 9 Signs from Deceased Loved Ones



8 thoughts on “Do your loved ones visit you after they’ve died?

  1. When my daughter was around 2 1/2, my grandmother who had been in a coma for the past 3 years, died.
    My daughter never met her. I called her Nana.
    Every night for about a week after he death, my daughter amended her nightly prayer, which included blessing the 3 members of her immediate family, our dog and her goldfish, with “And God Bless Rose.”
    The first night she said this was the night Nana died. I got goosebumps because my grandmother’s name was Rose and my daughter couldn’t have known this.
    I said, “Who is Rose?”
    (I am a psychotherapist. I know how to ask a non-leading question and I didn’t believe in stuff like this.)
    My daughter replied, “The old lady up there. See her?”
    She said this every night and after about a week she stopping God Blessing Rose.
    So I asked, “Why are you not blessing Rose?”
    She replied, “She’s not here anymore.”
    This was 2 1/2 yo consistency.
    She blessed everyone who was in her house.
    She is now 30 and a psychotherapist, just got her license! (woo hoo!)
    I asked her about this once. (Remember I don’t lead.) She has vague memories of meeting Rose.

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    • Wow! Goosebumps and an incredible story! It reminds me of something I read (I believe it was true). A three-year-old had a new baby in the house. The parents heard him ask his sister (through the baby monitor)
      “can you tell me what God looks like? I’m starting to forget.”
      All this makes me curious about how their little souls change over their first three years of life.
      Thanks for your story, Cindy.


  2. The night my grandmother died a man visited me: he knocked at the front door but before I could open it he came through it and told me everything was alright, when I described him to my parents they thought it sounded like Dad’s father (deceased). The next morning we found out Grandma (his wife) had died the night before, we lived in a different state. The man came back & told me Grandma was “busy” and stuck somewhere but he and a friend were helping and everything was fine. A day later I won a raffle at a local store (make a purchase not buy a ticket) it was for a whale watch boat ride, the exact kind of outing Grandma would have anted to go on if she visited.
    It made Dad feel a lot better.


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