The Magic In-Between

You know that state when you’re laying in bed? When you’re not asleep but not awake, and thoughts or images pop up from seemingly no where? Do you try to grab them before they slip away and make yourself remember?

I had one last night. But before I tell you this one, I’ll tell you one from the past.

During one– in particular– in-between, I caught a word, a name. “O. R. -something”, last name “Ryan.” So, of course, the next day, I made a search of O.R. Ryan. I kept looking until Orion appeared. Orion’s belt? I’d heard of it.

I didn’t know anything about stars except to look at them! Like I did that night before.

The next day, after telling my friend about what I found in my in-between, he said, “Yes, you can see Orion’s Belt clearly now from your backyard.”

I had been staring at Orion’s belt thinking about anything but the constellation.

But Orion had thought of me.


Last night, I saw an arched light blue wooden door. From my perspective, it appeared about five feet away from me. Like Mr. O. Ryan, there was no feeling attached to this door. Since I’m terribly interested in my in-between, I searched for a photo.  It looked sort of like this, same color, same perspective, but without the ivy.


This door lives in Ireland, not the top of my bucket list of places to visit, nor the bottom.

So now I’m thinking. Did I write a poem, some analogy about a door? If I did, I’ll find it.

When you hear the whisper of magic in your in-between, grab itIt will tell you something. You just have to pay attention.


Your response is a pleasant gift

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