“Patience!” I yell.


Patience is a virtue, the empress to us all

I yell to her, I seek her aid

But she ignores my call.

She jumps across a sage-lined fence

And into waters swell

My hope is that I catch her soon

And, then, my breath as well. 


Daily Prompt: Elicit

10 thoughts on ““Patience!” I yell.

  1. that was pretty good. but u didnt use the word elicit. you may be caught up in the wordplay to much. try writing less creatively. stick to the basic prompt, and then develop your own poem.


  2. Barvo. Patience is a tease, a temptress, a taunt and an ego wrecker. It is an ideal and a virtue that wea ll want to capture and master but reality ( patience’s kin) has a way of challenging our best resolve. Patience is a cheat and a disappointment.

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