Where Monsters Bake Cakes

I live where dragonflies spew tiny fire to light my non-harmful cigarettes

and grass grows blue and trees sprout leaves of fuchsia.  

I live where the monsters bake cakes that, when eaten, guarantee good dreams

and snails give piggy-back rides through golden mountains.

I live where three-legged dogs drive jeeps and give free rides to the carnival

and carousel horse take breaks so you can feed them granola and honey.

I live where every living being is peculiar and wondrous, wearing their mix-matched clothing or none at all.

I live where lies that spring off tongues evaporate before they reach the air and meaningful words are collected, free for consumption.

I live where injuries and sicknesses are healed by blowing dandelion tuffs

and the only disaster is when the flavor leaves your gum.

Would you like to come for a visit?

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