Tech support is no sports bra

Word processing on a Mac shouldn’t be so hard. It didn’t used to be until Mr. WP said, “Nope. I don’t like the way you run.”

So I put on a better sports bra and called Microsoft tech support. “It’s an Apple problem,” they said.

Apple replies, “It’s a Microsoft problem.”

Sometimes, Mr. WP decides to be cooperative and lets my fingers fly across the keyboard without distraction. Other times, just when one of my novel’s character’s decides to say something important, he spins his little colorful circle, and I swear, he watches my face contort through the Mac’s camera as the endless minutes tick by.

Pages works fine … until you have to save it as a WP document. Then all hell breaks loose. Unless, that is, you like staring at the new formatting that might as well be a Rorschach inkblot.

What’s a writer to do?

4 thoughts on “Tech support is no sports bra

  1. Is your Mac running Intel or the New Apple chip…M1? While it may seem like a software problem it maybe a hardware issue…which doesn’t really matter when that character begins to lip-synch that beachball…but it may be a way to work the problem. Good luck.

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      • Apple has transitioned away from Intel to their own homegrown CPU chipset. Subsequently software is being coded differently, and while Intel Macs will continue to be supported for sometime, hardware and software glitches are sure to happen. The new Mac computers running Apple’s M1 chip are stunningly better than the intel version. I have both, and there is really no compassion…even for a primary text based workflow. I’m not saying to rush out and buy one, but you should look into the current offerings for future purchase options and such. And good luck with that WIP.


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