Can We Blame Everything on CoVid?

My daughter and her family have been hunkered down with her dad and I for the last two months. Today is her birthday. The above box is her “wrapped” gift.

In the 1920’s, before gift wrap was readily available, they used brown paper – but decorated it with flowers, lace, etc.

I found a magic marker – orange. The red seems to be missing.

Missing like my gift bags and wrapping paper, hence the brown paper.

I can’t blame CoVid 19 on the masses rushing to buy out wrapping paper and hoarding it like toilet paper.

But I can blame CoVid for this: my husband’s new mission to “declutter” and organize every room in the house. This includes, but is not limited to, the pantry, his side of the closet, every cabinet and drawer in the house, and the laundry room.

That’s where I kept my wrapping paper.

No, we can’t blame everything on CoVid. But we can blame it on restlessness, the need to do something different, and missing wrapping paper.

Your response is a pleasant gift

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