Beat your drum slowly

Pastel on paper ©Carolyn Dennis-Willingham


Does everything change?

Love grows broader or thinner.

Hope blossoms or wains.

Despair peaks or evaporates.

Fear paralyzes or fades.

Does everything change?

No need to hurry.

Even change itself shifts its pace

But nuggets of moments tucked neatly,

a pocket filled of treasures preserved,


6 thoughts on “Beat your drum slowly

  1. Life is a wonderful journey, but not static, we are constantly changing. Everything has a beginning and an end and the things that were yesterday, may disappear from our present tomorrow. Accepting that life is change allows us to live here and now more calmly, enjoy what we have in our hands, without worrying about whether or not we will lose it.
    At least it is what I perceive in your poem and you say it in verses very conclusively. Good for you.
    Then your painting. Surprise on the creative side. In addition to sliding your verses into your poetry, your hands create with the same intensity. You give your poetic inspiration the perfect frame with cool paint.
    Youth, divine treasure, applies to you perfectly.


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