Locked Down, Brain open

I’m an avid gym-ster. Most weeks I hit it at least five times a week. Last time I went was March 12th and it seems like months ago.

On lockdown with husband, daughter, her boyfriend and my two grandkids (ages 4 and 2), I have managed to hit pads and leave the compound to play tennis.

Grandkids? Alrighty, then. That’s where the real workout comes in.

This brain is ticking but attention spans are short. Here’s what we’ve done so far:

  • painted a wooden crate with glitter paint which turned into body painting
  • made printouts on the computer of our favorite things – two copies for matching (two year old is learning about scissors and is cutting them up as I type this)
  • created a cozy reading center (not a huge hit)
  • washed tricycles and “cars” (weather’s warm in Texas)
  • watercolor
  • after watching an episode of Daniel Tiger it gave us the idea to bake a bear cake and then we decorated its face and body (didn’t have “real” butter in the house but process not product, right?)
  • took a walk in the neighborhood and found spring wildflowers that had not been exposed to the coronavirus
  • started paper a mache project with balloons and found it’s hard to wait for the end product, but we can do it!

The next project – I will make a game board with pictures of family members. After we roll the dice or spin the spinner, whoever’s picture we land on, that person must do an action for us to imitate. We’ll see on that one!

More later.

More ideas are always appreciated – especially if they are different from the standard stuff we find on the internet.

This “episode” of life requires thinking outside of the box! But right now? I’m going to curl inside my box for a good nap.

Your response is a pleasant gift

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