Set to Square


My Frigidaire’s in disrepair

the water’s leaking everywhere

My husband, well, he’s unaware

He’s napping in his underwear.

I tell myself, “do not despair.”

There must be food I can prepare

something fresh, a peach or pear?

Poor Fridge, it’s had it’s wear and tear

this in common, this we share

But I will act most debonair

when I wake up my sleeping bear

still with stance that’s set to square

and tell him he must fetch our fare

(“yes, now go and do your share”)

then waving just one hand in flair

I’ll sit upon my outdoor chair,

paint my nails with greater care

then catch a snooze mid-air.



– C. Dennis-Willingham ©


painting by Kay Crain

(I love this piece of art)

via Frigid

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