Jeers for Fake Tears


She never gets tired of the sympathy visits.

The hugs, the tsk tsks,

the chorus’ of “oh, you poor dear”

So what she broke a bone?

It’s not like her heart lay open – split in the middle like a bagel ready for toasting.

I know she smiles when her visitors leave

How she says, “that’s better” while stuffing bon-bons in her cheeks.

Then another knock on the door and her face turns solemn again.

What a sham by a scam artist!

Doesn’t she know that people have real worries to contend with?

I can’t sympathize with the plight of an artificial pansy.

“All things are relative,” you say?

Well, I’m glad she’s not related to me.


image credit


via Sympathize

1 thought on “Jeers for Fake Tears

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