The Woman’s Wee Man

So much did she love her wee Sammy Crockett

she kept him tucked safely inside her shirt pocket.

He didn’t much mind the prospect at first

he never was hungry, nor parched from a thirst.

The lining was soft, the fabrics in style

He seemed satisfied, at least for a while.


But the day she took him on a long morning  stroll

he started to feel like a con on parole.

He yelled from her pocket, “Enough is enough!

“Yes, I HEAR plenty, but I want to SEE stuff!”

Like bands playing songs, leaves blowing off trees,

a man at a circus atop a trapeze,

the people at market buying their wares,

the making of popcorn at our county fairs!”


Well, she loved him so much she planned to devise

something he’d like that would fit his wee size.

She built him a house from a splendid, smooth boulder

and attached the small building to the top of her shoulder.

She filled it with pillows, a couch and plush chairs

and cut out some windows to give him fresh air.

12488204 - image of a hand holding up a house on nice clear blue background.


“Look dear,” she said as they ventured to town,

“The queen has arrived with her shiny jeweled crown!

She continued to talk as she traipsed over ground

But her husband said nothing, no peep nor a sound.


She turned to the silence, looked in the wee house

and there, snoring deeply, lay Crockett, her spouse.

The townsfolk could hear as she said without doubt,

“He seemed to forget that he yearned to look out!” 

She carted him home, placed the house on a shelf

and decided to do something fun for herself.



Screenshot 2017-10-15 15.44.43



first image-

second image: “Walk cycle-the proud naked old lady”


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