Confirm Your Grandeur

Zurab Martiashvili - paintings

Is it high fashion

if my hairdo is green

or the pig purse I carry

is aquamarine?


Do you care if my hat

doesn’t match with my shoes,

If I hula my hoop to

a song meant for blues?



“Ma’am do you mind? Get down from that cow!”  

“Yes, sir. I do mind. I’m writing right now!”


Is it high fashion

wearing miss-colored socks,

put shoes in a drawer

instead of their box?


Who in the world

wants to follow a crowd?

It’s boring and fruitless

and often too loud.


Unfashionable fashion

it suits me just fine

Keep up with the Jones’s?

A dull story line!


Rebellious? Creative?

You’ve nothing to fear.

Confirm your grandeur

and read article here.







Daily Word Prompt: Fashionable

Top Photo: Artist Zurab Martiashvili: “Unusual ride”









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