Turning Your Brain into an Athlete


Unless we train that heady organ of ours, it remains on autopilot and could lead us down a destructive course. The subconscious parts of our brain automatically guides our behavior. Sometimes, we can’t let go of negative thinking or past negative experiences.

So, if that happens, it’s time to make obstinate brain pull over, make it sit in the passenger seat and force it to listen.

(Brains are stubborn and stuck in their ways so try to be patient as you pull out the new script you have written. Read it aloud.)

You: Brain, here’s what’s about to happen and I need you to go along with me. After all, you can’t get along without me just as I can’t get along without you. So, every time you try to cover me in self-doubt, I’m not going to listen. Instead, I’m going to concentrate on all the things right with me. I’m going to force us to think positively and compassionately.”

Brain (frowning): You want to break my patterns? I like my patterns and I’ve done nothing wrong.

You: I didn’t say any of this is your fault. I’m just telling you how we are going to proceed from here on. Here. Lift these barbells. We are going to make new patterns. And to make these new patterns, sometimes we are going to be very still and very quiet. You listening?

Brain (huffing): No comment.

You: I’m going to show you a picture. Tell me what you see.

Screenshot 2017-10-02 14.51.42

Brain (forming a smile): Different on the outside, same on the in? We talking about compassion now?

You: At’a girl. (boy)

Brain (nodding slowly so no jarring occurs): Can we start training now?



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