Hand over that Fry!


I’d give it all for pecan pie

 Or enchiladas! Beans!

A cookbook only makes me sigh

(Damn pictures of cuisine!)

The pot is missing taters

the pizza’s missing crust

How ’bout a cookie later?

Is dieting a must?

The Fridgidaire is fortified

the bakers ovens, quiet

I’d give a leg for something fried

and a different way to diet!



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4 thoughts on “Hand over that Fry!

    • Yay, Cindy! I’ve been hitting the gym – a lot! And watching what I eat . And … 🙂 It’s taken me a long time to lose the lbs but it’s working (dammit). Weird is cheating and eating a fattening desert only to find the next morning I’ve lost another lbs!


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