Opium for a price

The opium she was soon to inhale would taste much better than Greta’s fattening candy.

Fifteen minutes later, exactly where she wanted to be, Ben grinned and escorted her inside his Substandard establishment.

His eyes had dark circles beneath them but his crooked smile remained the same. “You got money today?”

“Half of it. Thought we could work something out.” When she winked, his smile widened.

“Okay, half. A blowjob then?” He took the money she pulled from her cleavage.

Sofie let loose her best seductive smile. After all, she did need to save her money. “I think we may be on to something.” She reached down and yanked off her boots. It was time to get comfortable. “One bowl first.”

“Coming right up.” Ben looked down at his crotch and laughed.

Excerpt from Naked, She Lies, a novel by C. Dennis-Willingham


daily word prompt: Substandard

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