Character Descriptions

For me, writing Specific descriptions of characters, can be a challenge. I kinda like this one, though. The visual makes me giggle.

(Voice of eleven-year-old Emma June)

If anyone is two crackers shy of a box, it’s Miss Helen. She takes trips to the big city so she can get her hair colored orange that she thinks is red. It’s cut stylishly short but pokes out on the ends like soggy cactus needles. Each time she drives Moonbeam, the name she gave her brand new 1928 Ford Roadster, she wears the same red tam pulled down tight over her head, and the same flowered-y silk scarf draped around her neck. Her big bosoms poke the steering wheel that she clutches so tight, her elbows stick way out on both sides. Then she peers through the windshield wearing aviator goggles like she’s about to take Amelia Earhart for a plane ride.



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