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Here’s a depressing fact for you: Today may be the last time you ever see someone. Think about that bitterly for a second. Whether it is someone dying, or you saw someone at a Black Friday sale for the first and last time, every single day is potentially the last day you ever see someone.

Today is the last day of class for me at my college and let’s be honest, save for one or two of those people(let’s be really honest, not even them), I will never see some of them again.

Not on Facebook.

Not when writing my terrible Book.

Not on Instagram.

Not at Thanksgiving with no ham or jam.

Not on Snapchat.

Not even when I inevitably get fat.

Not on the train.

Not on a plane.

No, not ever, not ever again.

Dr. Suess I am not. But Dr. Bitter I am. Sam I…

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