Please, do not kill me!

And the Bee spoke:


“Please do not let me perish. I am important to the world.

About one in three mouthful’s of your food is because I pollinated it.

My friends and I pollinate over $20 billion worth of crops each year.

Do you like flowers? We pollinate about  1/6th of all the flowers in the world.

We make a nectar called “honey.” This honey is an antioxidant and helps you improve brain function. We need you to eat this so you will remember how important we are.

Maybe because of our honey, we are very smart. We can figure out the shortest possible routes between flowers.

We work very hard. Because our wings beat 11.400 times per minute, we can buzz to our own music.

We have been around a very long time. Fossils of my ancestors date back to 150 million years ago.

WE NEED EACH OTHER! So, please, keep your poisonous pesticides away from us.

Thank you.” – Queen Bee


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