Emma June’s Brain Percolates

From The Moonshine Thicket (1928)

“Frank never did anything to make Mama and Daddy fight. And, he had nothing to do with Mama leaving. Being mad at him would be like Choppers being mad at me for only having two legs.

“I’m sure.”

“And I never told Miss Helen you helped me with that delivery. Just so you know. So, we’re still friends?”

“Still friends,” I tell him.

I spit on my palm and stick it out for him to shake. He smiles and spits. I look him in the eye and shake his wet hand. Friendship, settled.

My brain percolates like Miss Helen’s never-dry coffee pot. I don’t worry about my questions. I worry about what Miss Helen will say when she answers.”




2 thoughts on “Emma June’s Brain Percolates

  1. I like the photograph, Carolyn. I also found this snippet of a long ago story, so sweet! I think the ball cap on the girl’s head is really nice, like a tomboy would wear. . . 🙂
    Are these from your family’s journal (scrapbook) or your memoir? I should look back upon your 1928 “Moonshine Thicket.”

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    • Thank you! I found the photo from an image search. She looks so much like the picture I had in mind for Emma June. Although The Moonshine Thicket is “finished,” it still needs to be edited before I send it out to the world. Soon, I’ll post a blurb/synopsis about the plot. I will also post “The Shape of Emma June”. Thanks for the response!


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