Daily Prompt – Pimp

The pimp–prostitute relationship is widely understood to be abusive and possessive, with the pimp/madam using techniques such as psychological intimidation, manipulation, starvation, rape and/or gang rape, beating, confinement, threats of violence toward the victim’s family, forced drug use and the shame from these acts.” – Wikipedia

I beg your pardon!

Madam Fannie Porter did none of these things to her “soiled doves.”


As an acute business woman, she was stern but fair, made sure her girls had health checks, gave them a Class A bordello to live in, kicked out unruly clients who mistreated them and, in The Last Bordello, she defended one of them who was accused of murder.

What’s that you say?


The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt was PRIMP?

Never mind.

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt – Pimp

  1. This post had me wondering and smiling at the joke in the end! I chose to just wing it and follow you. I am “bad” so will check in more on weekends than any other time, pushing like and only once in awhile comment. Smiles, Robin


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