Do I Look Different? It’s still me!

Up to now, I’ve ignored those who’ve said, “You need an author brand.”

An author brand? Like a tattoo?



But I’m still a WIP (work in progress), and will continue to be.

I honestly don’t know how to promote a product. Never have. At sixteen, I was hired as a telephone solicitor for a small local newspaper. When the voice through the receiver said, “not interested,” I hung up. I was supposed to continue with the written script of “what do say if they say no.” I interpreted this as, keep dogging them, pound them into the ground until their meatloaf starts to burn and they have to say yes.

Three days later, relief hit my young, growing bones like a hot bath.

So, I suck at self promotion.

I also have a nephew who is a social media savvy. And guess what? Now my page looks different and might continue with tweaks until I breathe out a “yes, much better!”

Be patient with me.

(By the way, that newspaper company went out of business soon after I was fired.)




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